Nov 20, 2017

White sweatshirt

Guys! I totally blew it! I got this Forever21 white sweatshirt and was so excited about it but I set it aside for a couple weeks and now it's sold out!! Sorry! I did notice though that things come back in stock there, so if that happens I will provide the link, I promise!
I love the cherry blossom embroidery/print on it (it's part embroidered and part printed)! It is such a great pink/red pop of color and I LOVE the fact that it's white. I am obsessing over white sweatshirts right now. I linked a bunch of great white sweatshirt below, all of which are very affordable! I find that the white color almost makes a sweatshirt not feel like a sweatshirt anymore and elevates it to an almost elegant status, if that makes sense. In my look today I had to add another pop of red because you know that a pop of red makes me so happy!
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving this week and thank you for visiting!

Wearing: Forever21 sweatshirt (sold out at the moment, similar white sweatshirt here, here, here); Asos skirt (old, similar here, here); Target footless tights; DKNY jacket (old, similar here); Puma sneakers (also love this version here).

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Nov 16, 2017

My favorite lace blouse & cardi

Both this sweater & this lace blouse are one of my favorites! The blouse I wear to the office probably more often than I'd like to admit haha! I love the high neck on it and the away-from-the-body- silhouette, not to mention the intricate lace, which is so pretty and luxe looking that no pictures will do its justice. This cardigan would have been pretty basic if it wasn't for the fact that the mix of the pink/peach color with ochre is just so beautiful to me, that I absolutely adore and I believe I might have gasped when I saw it! Yes, one of those moments! I hope you like this pairing with my favorite gray jeans and sneakers. For me, just because the blouse might be fancy, doesn't mean I will go for an all fancy look.... quite the opposite. I usually dress down fancy things because I first and foremost love feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing.

Wearing: Anthropologie cardigan; Anthropologie lace blouse (old, similar here and here); Anine Bing jeans (old, similar here and here); Diesel sneakers (old, a different color here and here); Swatch watch.

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Nov 13, 2017

Camel coat with a (pop of color) twist!

It's that collar detail in this coat that truly epitomizes the saying 'The Devil's in the details'! The coat itself is very classic, but the orange collar and cuffs and an addition of gray is what makes it so special and creates such a great visual interest. I am always drawn to pieces like that; then they are those special, unique items in my closet that are different and make me feel like I don't look like everyone else. Although then, it makes it difficult for me to try and link to similar items for you guys... double edged sword I guess! We have been having an unusually cold weather lately that requires thicker coats than this one (or simply more layers), but I am excited for a little warm up in the next few days.

Wearing: Shein coast (old from two seasons ago, almost an identical one here with a red collar; and another similar here and for $46!); Anine Bing jeans (old, similar here and here); Chloe Susanna boots (beige, black); DKNY bag (old, found it on Poshmark and on eBay; a similar style here).

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Nov 9, 2017

Fuzzy cardigan & cargo pants

Probably one of the last times I was able to wear sandals this year when we shoot these photos a few weekends ago... Bummer! As much as I love fall weather I am going to miss summer temperatures. All the items you see here are actually old except for these Celine sandals. I absolutely love them - the unique strap on my heel with just a tiny peek-a-boo detail, the silver heel and the strap across my toes in a different color. You know that old rule that shoes, bag and a belt needed to be in the same color way back when? Well, pure coincidence, but my shoes do match my bag and I have to say I like that they do! Did not plan for it; I just grabbed this bag and that's the result haha!

Wearing: Celine sandals (different color here); G-Star cargo pants (old, similar here and here; G-Star in a different color here); Cheap Monday cardigan (old, similar here); Asos white shirt; Vittoria Napoli bag (an old TJ Maxx find; similar here). 

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Nov 6, 2017

Red string shopper bag

Yay to a pop of red! My favorite kind! This simple string shopper bag makes me smile every time I look at it. Such an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of color. I spotted it on Asos and knew I had to have it. Guys, it was only $16 and so of course it's sold out already, bummer! But I linked to similar ones below, in other great colors and costing a little less, actually. Anything I would have worn with this bag, I know I would have loved because that's how much I love a pop of red in my outfits. But... I purposely wore a camel coat as I just adore how the red and camel beige look together. Hope you enjoy this post and thank you so much for visiting!

Wearing: Asos string shopper bag (currently sold out, but it came back in stock before. I will link to it once it's back. Similar bags here); Zara coat ( last season, similar here and here, both are now 50%!); Anine Bing jeans (old, similar here and here); Puma sneakers (also here, and check these out with fancier shoelaces!). 

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Nov 1, 2017

Double ruffle sleeve

I saw. I liked. I bought. Sometimes you come across something you immediately know you will get and such was the case with this Asos top! I liked the gray tone (I was looking for a gray blouse I would be able to wear to work) but more importantly I loooved the placement of the ruffles here. The double ruffle on the sleeve was something I haven't seen, especially those mid sleeve. It wears so easy and can be dressed down for a more everyday look. I of course put on some sneakers and jeans, because, hello, I could wear sneakers and jeans EVERYDAY!

Wearing: Asos top; Maison Scotch jeans (old, similar here and here); Adidas Gazelle sneakers (sold out, similar color here and here); Zara bag (old).

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