Oct 11, 2014

Something cheerful before summer ends...

Although summer is officially over (by calendar), let's still enjoy the beautiful weather and summer pleasures! The first picture was taken back in June during a Poland vacation. The orange purse is Gianni Chiarini purse, which I also own in green. The other images are just something I found very inspirational in that particular moment :) Hopefully where you live the weather is still nice, so let's enjoy it while it lasts. Thanks for visiting!


Oct 2, 2014

Beautiful, sunny day

These pictures were taken early spring  on one of the first warm days in Chicago. I was so excited I could finally wear cut out shoes and ditch the boots. Here, I am wearing simple black skinny pants (which I actually wear to work a lot!), which I love because they are just the perfect fit for me. I like that they are skinny around my calfs, but loose in my thighs and my butt. For the longest time (years and years) I would only wear skirts to work because I could never find the perfect (in my mind) work pants. Their fit was usually a straight leg which I don't enjoy. But finally I found those on Asos (of course!) and once I tried them on I ordered a second pair so that when these are all worn out I have a second pair to wear. I very often get doubles of items I really love. In this case both pairs I got in black, but sometimes I get different colors of the same items if I really love it. I am also wearing a camo Old Navy jacket, purchased recently, and a Helmut Lang bra in maroon, which I adore! The bra is such a show stopper thanks to the straps going across the chest. Every time I wear it, someone complements it. Helmut Lang is one of my favorite brands; too bad some items are very pricey and I can only dream of them. The brand's website also has a tank top with the same stripes concept, which I might eventually get… Thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Helmut Lang bra, H&M t-shirt, Old Navy camo jacket, Asos pants, Nine West shoes.
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