Dec 30, 2015

Yellow jacket, white shirt

A classic look with a twist today - crisp white button down shirt, black slim pants, plus a yellow jacket in a more casual style. You know how I love anything in a mustard yellow color, so when I stumbled across this jacket I could not say no. I got it late in the fall and haven't had many opportunities to wear it, but I will definitely make a good out of it come spring. It can be worn so many different ways; obviously styled with a more causal outfits, but also with more classic lines like I did here. With this post, the year 2015 comes to an end and I am excited for what's to come in 2016. Wherever you are tomorrow celebrating, be safe!

Wearing: Joe Fresh jacket; H&M pants; Asos shirt; Sam Edelman peep toe booties; Badgley Mischka bag.


Dec 28, 2015

Cape jacket

This cape jacket is such a favorite of mine - granted there aren't that many opportunities in Chicago to wear a jacket like this - I can wear it to work and look professional and I can wear it with jeans and a sweatshirt with some ankle booties. Although the initial reaction would be to wear it mostly with elegant clothes because, let's face it, it is an elegant looking jacket, recent years proved all styling rules seem to no longer apply to virtually anything, hence my styling tip involving jeans and a sweatshirt :) I love the cape sleeves and the thick collar. Surprisingly it kept me warm on some really cold days, all I needed to do was add a thick sweater underneath. And as I mentioned before, Chicago weather does not guarantee many spring and fall weather days during the year, therefore wearing a sweater underneath it for additional layer is almost a must. I love layering, so that's even better for me! Hope you all have a great day!

Wearing: Mackage cape jacket; Warehouse shirt; H&M pants (sold out, but I linked similar H&M style here and here); Forever21 pumps (similar here); Madewell bag.


Dec 20, 2015

Last weekend before Christmas!

Last weekend before Christmas! I love this time of year and I wish we had just a little bit of snow, but as you can see in the pictures we have ZERO snow and it does not look like we will have any for Christmas. It's amazing, this weather this year; it hasn't been cold at all and it snowed only twice thus far! I am wearing a sweatshirt with embroidered Christmas detail, which I got a couple of years ago on Etsy for an ugly Christmas sweater party that year. But to be honest, I am kind of loving this sweatshirt, because, turns out, I don't think it's ugly at all haha! The fact that the Christmas detail is so subtle makes it not too flashy and it no longer qualifies as an 'ugly' Christmas sweater (at least that's my opinion). That year when I got it I ended up wearing it so often all through winter and I might just do that this year too! Hope you all have a wonderful time next week filled with love, laughter and cozy evenings by the fireplace!

Wearing: G-Star jeans; Forever21 pumps.


Dec 17, 2015

All denim look

An all denim look was such a staple in the 80's and here we are again, 20 some years later, with the same look but freshened up! I have been wearing this denim Asos shirt so much, it really goes with so many items in my closet. I love the bleached out spots; the fabric is super thick too, so it's not too flimsy (I like the fabric of my shirts stiff; maybe that's weird, but it's one of my weird preferences). Now on to the jeans: I recently got them on Asos, they are G-Star, so were a bit pricey, but I know I will get a lot of wear out of them. I love the slouchiness in the butt, but a more tight fit along the calves. Those can be worn in so many different ways: dressed down with a simple tee or dressed up with the same tee, a structured blazer and some heeled sandals for a cool evening look. How crazy is that that these pictures we took a few days ago, in the middle of DECEMBER and I was not cold without a coat!

Wearing: Asos shirt (similar here; love this very affordable one); G-Star jeans; Vince boots (bought at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the cost; love these Vince Camuto ones); Target quilted bag.


Dec 9, 2015


Is there anything better about fall and winter (and spring for that matter) than finally being able to wear plaid scarfs? You can see them all over; there isn't a day that you don't pass someone on the street wearing a plaid scarf. With so many brands out there, you really don't need to spend a lot of money. Asos being one place (pretty much my go to for everything!), then Gap, Old Navy, Zara, J.Crew, Forever21, H&M, you name it. I believe I have more in my scarf drawer somewhere than what I am showing here, but you get the point. From the top: first and second are Target, third one is J.Crew and the bottom one is Zara. Check out the links below for some other colorful options:

Amazon - J.Crew - Forever21 - Asos (love this purple color) - another Asos one (love the yellow!) - Zara 

Dec 4, 2015

Faux fur vest

A fur vest is such a fun way to enhance your look, even a basic one. I am wearing basics: just a simple skinny black pant, a button down navy shirt, but the vest added on to it makes it for a much more interesting look. Can I also mention these Diesel sneakers? Aren't these fantastic? The leather is so soft, but more importantly the zipper detail on the side is so cool! I got mine a long time ago, but they are still available on (link below). When I was looking for a fur vest I had a white color in mind, but I came across this one at Forever21 and could not resist myself. I am wearing mine tied at the waist, but could also be worn untied. I am imagining all these other ways I can style it - with a long boho, flowy dress, with jeans and a simple tee, with a crisp white button down shirt...the possibilities are endless. It is also perfect as that one more layer you need to stay warm, when you don't want to (or need to) wear a jacket.
Wearing: Forever21 faux fur vest - H&M pants - Diesel sneakers - Phillip Lim Ryder bag

Dec 3, 2015


Happy December everyone! I love December - Christmas is in the air and all the plans for various festivities make it for such a special month! More than ever, it is in December that I feel particularly grateful for my family. I am grateful for them all year round obviously, but it is around Christmas that I appreciate having my family and friends more than ever. By no means am I perfect or my family is perfect; we have our ups and downs, but the mere fact that they are there and have our backs is enough for me to feel very lucky. Hope you all have a great Holiday season and are sharing it with your loved ones!

Nov 26, 2015

Puffy coat

Normally I would not have posted pictures where I wear a winter puffy coat, because to me it's just a coat, but with this one I had to, because it's so unique! It was inexpensive and I got so much more than I expected. I love the zippers all over, and the large side zip that goes from underneath the armpit all the way down (the last two photos). I also love the uneven hem (longer back). It has so many dimensions and is visually interesting thanks to the outer layer being almost its own shell buttoned in the front, which I am not sure the pictures really depict that, but trust me when I say that it is the best $40 ever spent! Yes, $40! I got it on and there were so many more coats and jackets I wanted! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for visiting.

Wearing: coat; Frye boots; H&M pants.


Nov 22, 2015

Shirt dress

It's hard to believe these picture were taken a week ago on Sunday, with almost 70 degree weather, when this weekend we have about 6 inches of snow! Crazy Chicago weather at its best! 
I have always been into loose fitting tops, dresses, tunics, etc., but recently I have also been into long tops; ones that reach to the knee for an effortless and cool look. This shirt dress can be worn with jeans, leggings, or as a dress, but I styled it here with skinny black pants. I love the neutral colors of this shirt. I picked up the dark greens from the shirt and added another dimension to it with this green bib necklace, which I bought a long time ago at Loehmann's (my go-to store, which unfortunately doesn't have any locations in Illinois anymore, sad face). I hope you all have a great Sunday!

Wearing: Forever21 shirt dress; H&M pants, Forever 21 pumps.


Nov 15, 2015


I love all black looks! If I could, I would wear black everyday, but even I sometimes crave some color. But today an all black look, that is basic, but interesting all at the same time. If you are looking for some interesting twist to an all black ensemble, try incorporating an interesting texture or detail. Here, the top is made of a quilted, nylon-like fabric (almost like a windbreaker) with a 3/4 sleeve. I love this detail, it is eye-catching and visually really interesting. The rest of the outfit can be really basic, because the top is one that will attract all the attention. Thanks for visiting and have a great Sunday y'all!

Wearing: Asos top (I got it a long time ago, but it is still available here); H&M pants, Forever21 pumps (I linked a similar style).


Nov 8, 2015

Leggings and tunic top

Leggings and a tunic top... can't go wrong with this combo! The leggings are super old, but I love the leather patches on them. This tunic top (or dress; whatever you want to call it) from Forever21 was such a steal and because it's a neutral color it will go with so many items in my closet. I have actually worn it to work a couple times, paired with work pants and a blazer. It would look great with a pair of skinny jeans as well and comfortable flats for a weekend look. I love the pockets too obviously; I am a huge fan of any pockets. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Wearing: Asos leggings; Forever21 tunic top; Asos cape coat.


Nov 6, 2015

Tank top

Summer is officially gone...and even though calendar summer was long gone, we still had nice weather up to about two days (!) ago when we were able to wear light layers (or some people even wore short sleeves). These pictures were taken so recently, but it seems like forever ago, because suddenly it is very cold and windy in Chicago. They don't call Chicago a Windy City for nothing! In my recent posts I have been sharing how I have been layering interesting tank tops or bra tops underneath loose T-shirts. I love loose T-shirts, but usually they reveal too much cleavage and I have never been into showing it. Bra tops that have a high neck or a tank top, like the one in the picture, provide coverage that I want and an interesting detail to a look as well! It's interesting and you can layer it in so many ways. This one is from Free People, and I love its color too. You can also see it in this post.
Wearing: Free People tank top; Gap pants; H&M T-shirt; Qupid peep toe sandals.


Nov 1, 2015

Long top

Happy post Halloween! And we are back to a beautiful, sunny, warm weather! By Wednesday it is supposed to be 70! Granted I took these photos back in October, but I could have easily taken them this weekend. So excited for more sunny and warm days before the harsh Chicago winter hits us. Anyway... this long top I got on my favorite website, of course, is very comfy and versatile. I tucked in the front of it, but let loose could be worn as a dress with some boots or booties. I could wear black all day everyday if you ask me, so a score there as well! Hope you all have a great Sunday and are not overeating on all the Halloween candy ;)

Wearing: Daisy Street top from; G-Star cargo pants; Steve Madden peep toes.

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