Jan 25, 2015

Winter fur continued...

Winter fur continued... It's the same faux fur jacket as in a previous post, but I had to use it again! I love it so much, but I do realize that it will probably be worn a few times. Pieces that are so specific (not very classic) typically get worn few times and are not very timeless. Although someone could argue that a white fur coat/jacket is pretty timeless. Not sure... Anyway, I am towards the end of my pregnancy, so it's becoming harder for me fit into clothes I really love and already own, as I haven't been purchasing too many maternity clothing. These jeans are regular Gap jeans, not maternity, but they still close fine because they are pretty low waisted. Hope your Sunday is great. Thanks for visiting.

Wearing: Forever21 faux fur coat; Gap jeans; Jessica Simpson leather cowboy booties (very old, purchased at my beloved Loehmann's); vintage bag, which I bought at a thrift store for a $1 (yes, $1).


Jan 17, 2015

Jewelry love

We love interesting jewelry; doesn't everyone...? Sometimes all you need to make an outfit is a great statement necklace or a bracelet and you're done. Very often, I myself, wear some very basic clothes, but make an interesting outfit by adding on a piece of jewelry that is perfectly enough to make the whole outfit stand out. Necklaces are probably my thing; I have never been too into bracelets or earrings. With rings, however, I go through phases where I enjoy a statement ring, but then for months and months all I wear are delicate rings you can barely see or actually none at all. The necklaces you see here are (from the top): Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, from Etsy (green bow), from a local antique shop (brooch), Anthropologie, from Nordstrom Rack. Many more pictures to come in the future. I somehow love taking pictures of jewelry, so you will see more for sure. Or check out our pics on our Instagram page. Thanks for visiting!


Winter fur

I love this faux fur jacket - a recent purchase at Forever21. I looked for one for a long time, but because I was very particular about how I wanted the texture of it to be, I couldn't find I really liked. I wanted mine to be short haired and have the hair have this tangled up effect (not long and straight). You can't beat the price either! Roughly $40! Something so attention grabbing won't necessarily be worn all the time to get its money's worth, so the price made it an easy decision to purchase. Do you love white winter fur?

Wearing: Forever21 faux fur jacket; vintage gold necklaces; Target T-shirt.


Jan 4, 2015

Camel coat

Hello everyone! Winter finally hit us and we have snow. These pics were taken a year ago though when I wasn't eight months pregnant. It's hard to organize anything anymore for me and have a 'photo session' as I start feeling more and more uncomfortable and tired. Therefore, these pictures you see will have to do. The coat is from Zara (last year), which I absolutely adore, even though the sleeves are not real leather. Fortunately, the faux leather doesn't look 'cheap' and you can hardly tell it's not real leather. Not that I am so into leather; my point here is that if it is faux leather it tends to look like a faux leather and does not have that 'rich' look as I call it. As long as it looks OK, I am fine with the idea of a faux leather, fur, etc. Anyway, I digress... Camel coat is such a classic, and even though this one here is not  in a very classic cut, I think it'll do. Although, I am currently on the hunt for this classic camel coat that is slightly cinched at the waist or super long and straight in cut. The last picture are Aldo booties, which I purchased last year. I wore them all winter (snow permitting)! Absolutely love them with their distressed look. When other colors went on sale, I also purchased black ones for about $40; what a steal! Thanks for visiting and see you soon on my blog!

Wearing: Zara coat, Anthropologie peep toe booties, Aldo booties (last picture), Gap jeans, Ray Ban sunglasses, Pour La Victoire bag.

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