Feb 27, 2015


Hello! Today, some of my favorite, recent buys that were inexpensive, but nevertheless can make a big impact on any outfit. I am all about accessories; I have to say sometimes I don't even care what I wear, but I do care about accessorizing and making a statement with a great pair of shoes or jewelry. Have a great Friday everyone. Thanks for visiting!

From the top: Aldo leopard heels; Easy ring (seller: TheRogueAndTheWolf); Zara black and mint heels.


Feb 23, 2015

The jacket

Hello! We are back from the hospital with our little munchkin and are settling in at home. But not about that - these pictures were also taken awhile ago, more precisely back in the last fall. I love this faux fur and leather jacket I got on Asos by French Connection. It can be zipped up or unzipped (creating a waterfall effect). The downside is though, that it sheds incredibly, so you almost need to wear an extra layer underneath that you take off with the jacket, unless you don't take the jacket off at all. I wore a simple black T-shirt underneath with a cardigan on top of it, which I took off along with the jacket, such that the T-shirt remained 'clean' and had no fur hair on it. Now, the sneakers. Absolutely love them; love the incredibly soft leather and its delicate beige hue. I love the darker brown leather detail along the zipper too! It's all about the details like that and I am a huge sucker for interesting details even if I might be the only one aware of them :) Anyways, I think it makes for a cool, casual outfit, but interesting at the same time. The jacket can be dressed up or down. It can make a great evening outerwear with a great pair of skinny pants and stilettos. The sneakers, although casual by definition, can also be very chic if paired with perhaps a leather mini, a crisp white T-shirt, and a structured blazer. I might actually do an outfit like that someday. Thanks for visiting!

Wearing: French Connection jacket; Ray Ban sunglasses; Gap jeans; Diesel sneakers.


Feb 15, 2015

More summer looks...

Hello! Today I am sharing with you another summer look. I have a few more saved up from last year and eventually they need to find their way into the blog :) This was a casual night out with my hubby (we cherish those as they don't come around too often anymore having a toddler at home). Even though we were excited to get out of the house, we ended up eating our dinner pretty quickly and heading back home :) We're so lame, but we missed our little one and were pretty tired, which is what having kids will do to you. No complaints though! The outfit was something I put together quickly, as we were not going out anywhere super fancy, but of course I had to dress it up with at least a pair of heels to give it at least something special and not have it be too casual. I love these Zara heels I got on sale, but I have to say they are not very comfortable. OR that could just be me, since I am not used to wearing heels too often anymore. I used to LIVE in heels (everyday at work, weekends, etc.), but ever since becoming a mom, let's face it, heels started collecting dust at the back of my closet. Anyways, I still buy heels, because it's a love that never died, but not as many. These I had to get the minute I saw them. The mint detail on the heel is so funky and unique, I could not resist myself. I am very much into a special detail; something that makes a shoe or a garment very unique and interesting. It's all in the details, isn't it? I am sure many of you can relate. Thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Helmut Lang bra (already featured on the blog a few times); G-Star cargo pants; Zara heels; Pulicati bag; Target T-shirt.


Feb 12, 2015

Bow tie and leopard

Hello! This time a spring look from few months ago when we attended a very special event with my family - my lovely nephew's First Communion. It called for something more elegant and church appropriate, but I still wanted to sneak in something more edgy and I think this cute little black bow tie did just that. I got it on Asos for only about $15, but doesn't it go a long way? I believe it does! I eventually changed these lovely heels (one of my favorites ever actually!) into something more comfortable as the evening progressed, but they sure did make an entrance :) I am absolutely in love with those and I am so happy I got them, even though they are quite uncomfortable to wear all day or an entire evening. Oh well... Not the first ones and not the last ones :)
Thanks again for visiting!

Wearing: Asos pants; Aldo heels; Asos bowtie; Gap button down.


Feb 11, 2015

Ah, summer...I miss you!

It's winter at its best here in Chicago, so more summer pics today to remind myself how awesome summer is :) I am also few days away from having my second son, so I really am not into taking any new photos, sorry! This outfit is very casual; just a simple T-shirt and cargo Gap pants (same ones as already posted previously), but the heels make it a tiny bit more chic. The vest is BCBG Max Azria also already posted with a different outfit on the blog. It's so versatile - I love wearing it with pants, skirts, dresses, jeans; either buttoned or not, and it always makes for such a great piece. I miss you summer, but since I am starting my maternity leave soon, I might just be OK, since I get to enjoy some time at home with the new addition to our family that we can't wait to meet! Thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Gap pants; Trouve sandals; Helmut Lang bra; BCBG Max Azria vest; Forever21 bag.

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