Mar 20, 2015

First day of spring

Hello! Today is the first day of spring and although it could be slightly warmer in Chicago, we are happy we are officially in the springtime. Yay! We made it. Today's outfit, to go along with the spring happiness, had to include something very cheerful... enter the neon yellow Asos heels. I absolutely love them; they are quite comfortable too and were not too expensive. Recently, I have been very into  hues of yellow, marigold, mustard yellow, you name it. Not really sure why, as I have NEVER before loved this color, nor it doesn't even go with my complexion too well as I am very fair skinned. But somehow it captured my heart and I have purchased not only those heels, but also a neon yellow H&M sweater (soon to be featured in a post), and plan on getting this absolutely gorgeous mustard yellow Zara coat, which I have been keeping my eye on for sometime now. I hope you all have a lovely first day of spring and thanks for visiting.

Wearing: Asos pumps; Mango pants; Gap camo top; old necklace purchased at Loehmann's. 


Mar 17, 2015

Felt and leather

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to feature a grey look including one of my favorite blazers ever (if not one of my favorite things I own period!). A classic cut, but more importantly the leather detail (black leather patches all over) against the grey felt is so luxurious and interesting! I got it a while back at Nordstrom Rack and I absolutely adore it. It makes an entire outfit. Here, it looks casual worn with simple slacks, but paired with a dress transforms into a very chic and bold statement piece. I hope you enjoy your day and thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Literature Noir felt and leather blazer; Gap pants; Asos top; Aldo shoes; Marco Buggiani bag; Charlotte Russe snood; necklace bought at Nordstrom Rack (no name).


Mar 14, 2015

First post-baby pictures

Hello everyone! Today my first pictures taken after having baby boy #2 almost 4 weeks ago. The weather is now so beautiful in Chicago, so we are trying to take as much advantage of it as we can. I was also not up for taking any pictures thus far, as I was still recovering from the labor, but also because I was just way too tired to even plan anything not related to the baby :) He also takes up so much of our time that planning anything else seems impossible. But we finally managed to get these taken in the park. I love this tunic dress I am wearing; it has a cute quilted detail and pockets (I am such a sucker for pockets)! I love the army green color as well. Besides black, which I could wear all day everyday, green is my favorite color. Any shade of green will pretty much do, but I do love me some army green. I was looking for a perfectly shaped tunic dress, loose enough that you can also wear it over pants and pretend it is a tunic not a dress. OR wear it with tights and make it be a dress. This one does it for me. I got it on sale too (it is still available, also in navy). Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting.

Wearing: Gap tunic dress; Michael Kors leggings; Frye boots; DKNY leather jacket; Ray Ban sunglasses; necklace bought at Loehmann's (don't know the brand).


Mar 7, 2015

Casual wear for a walk with my family

Hello! TodayI have a go-to casual look for you for running errands on the weekend or simply for hanging out with my little one. It's not spring in Chicago just yet, so these last year's pics are a warm reminder of what's to come hopefully soon... I love this denim shirt with bleached out spots all over it that I purchased on Asos (ha! of course) awhile back. It is really well made (stitches, etc. which I always pay attention to. Hey, just because something does not cost a fortune, doesn't mean I don't hold it to high standards haha); the fabric is thick enough that even after being washed so many times, it still looks good! I love those came cargo pants too, which add such an interesting flare to any outfit. I love casual wear to the point of being very masculine (camo pants, right?). Cute dresses and heels everyday are so not me; I could wear jeans and baggy clothes all day, everyday, in a true man-repeller style. Speaking of, is one of my favorite blogs out there and I firmly stand by that philosophy. Hope you're having a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

Wearing: Asos denim shirt; Old Navy pants; Converse sneakers; Ray Ban sunglasses; DKNY purse.

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