Apr 22, 2015

Jean shirt and cargo pants

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Today's post is a repeat of both the pants and the jean shirt (worn with other items in previous posts)... I wear this jean shirt virtually all the time, especially when I am running errands or going to the park with my two little boys. When I need a longer sleeve because of the weather or just need something comfy I immediately grab it from my closet and I am out the door. Also, to be honest, now being a mom of two, I literally have 5 minutes to dress and be out the door, before kids start crying :) It's very difficult to wear something special every day (or not look the same every day) with two kids, unless I plan my outfits ahead of time, which I honestly have not been able to do :) I need to work on mastering that. Hence, today's repeat. Thanks for visiting.

Wearing: Asos shirt; G-Star pants; Gap slippers; Quay sunglasses.

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