May 26, 2015

Patterned jacket

I love this patterned jacket from H&M that was super cheap as I got it on sale for literally $10. Not that I need another jacket, because I really don't. Especially where we live, as Chicago does not have many spring and fall-like days when we can wear lighter outerwear. Nevertheless, how can you say no to a $10 jacket in this cute, paisley-like pattern? I wanted to make it about the jacket in this outfit, so the rest of the pieces are subdued and simple. The flats I am wearing I also own in black. These are two of my favorite pairs of flats: they are made of this incredibly soft leather and the bow is just a cherry at the top. Hope you have a great last week of May (cannot believe it's almost June already). I need to make sure I take the most advantage of this week, as it's my last week before returning to work after being on maternity leave for the last few months :(

Wearing: H&M jacket, Vince leather-sleeved T-shirt; Gap pants; Report flats; Cynthia Rowley purse.


May 18, 2015

Long cardigan

Hello! Today a look from this past weekend... My last look from my string of yellow/neon/mustard yellow craze. This cardigan is so lovely it makes an entire outfit. I love the crispiness of it when paired with a white color. Here, I am wearing just a simple white T-shirt and a lace white scarf from Anthropologie which is always a hit whenever I wear it. It's so beautiful. This scarf alone is a statement piece. But, somehow it doesn't 'argue' with the statement that is this cardigan (its color really). The cardigan is very delicate though and I have no idea how I am going to wash it; probably dry cleaners. I tend to stay away from clothes that are dry cleaned only (could spend a fortune on dry cleaning!), but I could not say 'no' to this one when I saw it. Hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for visiting.

Wearing: Asos cardigan; Gap pants; Anthropologie scarf; Target flats.


May 14, 2015

The hat...

Hello! Today a post including an item I never thought I'd wear... a hat. I am so not a hats person (even during our harsh Chicago winters I do not wear hats). I love how others look in various types of hats, but I really do not like myself in any. I tried this one though and for the first time I didn't hate myself in it and it was quite inexpensive, so I though why not? I love the classics camel tone and the timelessness of it, so I wanted to pair it with something just as classic and basic. Therefore, I have a camel tone biker jacket on which I love and wear a lot and booties in a very similar (but darker) tone to go with it. I plan on featuring this hat on the blog more often, as I think it will go with more summery looks just as well... Thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Forever21 hat; Zara jacket; Aldo booties; H&M jeans.


May 9, 2015

Most casual

Hello! You can't go wrong with this outfit when you're taking a stroll with your family or running errands. We went to a beautiful Chicago Botanic Garden during one of the last fall's weekends. Even though this may not be most glamorous, it's the simplicity of it that I love. Once spring comes I usually LIVE in Converse sneakers! Here, I was also already pregnant with my second son, so you can see a tiny bump peeking through :) Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

Wearing: Gap jeans; Converse sneakers.


May 3, 2015

Camel skirt

Happy Sunday! Finally a nicer weather in Chicago and we get to enjoy outdoors. Today, this lovely Zara skirt in classic camel color. I absolutely love it. I have never been into this color hue before, but recently I appreciate it a lot. It may not be the best color for my pale complexion, but I am ignoring that fact :) I love the cut of this skirt - A-line and wrap at the same time creating a cute slit. I love the buckles too; overall I think it's very interesting. I can see many ways I can style it for work (I am bound by dress code at my work) but also make it be casual just like I did it here. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Zara skirt; Converse sneakers; DKNY leather jacket.

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