May 14, 2015

The hat...

Hello! Today a post including an item I never thought I'd wear... a hat. I am so not a hats person (even during our harsh Chicago winters I do not wear hats). I love how others look in various types of hats, but I really do not like myself in any. I tried this one though and for the first time I didn't hate myself in it and it was quite inexpensive, so I though why not? I love the classics camel tone and the timelessness of it, so I wanted to pair it with something just as classic and basic. Therefore, I have a camel tone biker jacket on which I love and wear a lot and booties in a very similar (but darker) tone to go with it. I plan on featuring this hat on the blog more often, as I think it will go with more summery looks just as well... Thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Forever21 hat; Zara jacket; Aldo booties; H&M jeans.


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