Jul 11, 2015


Hello! Recently it has been quite difficult to pull myself together and do anything blog related... Reasons still the same, as mentioned in previous posts. So when I do manage to get around to it, I usually end up picking an outfit that is convenient and fresh in my mind, as it's something I wear all the time. Like this vest, which I wear to work with more elegant items, but also on the weekends with casual slacks and a T-shirt. It's so versatile despite its elegance. My favorite peep toe, lace-up sandals are not so bad either :) I own a second, identical pair in taupe. I do that all the time - get something I really love in multiple colors, because I know I will wear it all the time and would regret not getting it   in another color if it was available... Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wearing: Gap pants; BCBG MazAzria vest, BCBG peep toes, Anthropologie necklace


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