Jan 28, 2016


Wearing: Forever21 tee (similar here), pumps, faux fur jacket; H&M pants.


Jan 22, 2016

Lace detail

J.Crew has somehow never been on my list of places I shop at, but recently I discovered I like more items from J.Crew than I expected. Generally speaking, it is a bit too preppy for me, but some individual pieces are really enduring. Like this sweater with lace appliqué, which I also got in navy (navy sweater with vibrant blue lace). A huge plus for being on sale for only $35 a piece! Now, onto the location of these pictures... I often have the photos taken by our house or right in front of it (like these ones here), because being a working mom of two kids does not always allow to go to sites where the background would be much more interesting. The weekends are only so long with a million errands to run, playing with kids, and so on. Please don't hold it against me :). We obviously spend a lot of time outside with the kids and we do come across beautiful backdrops, but most of those times I am in comfortable clothing running after my kids. I haven't mastered dressing up AND playing with kids at playgrounds all at the same time, so for the time being my pictures are what they are :) 
Hope you have a great start to the weekend!

Wearing: J.Crew sweater (almost gone!; similar here); G-Star jeans (wearing them all the time recently); Vince ankle boots; Phillip Lim bag.


Jan 10, 2016

Long cardigan

I am in love with this long cardigan I recently got at Forever21! It is a perfect additional layer underneath my coat for cold winter days or that one extra layer I need without the coat when wearing a sweater underneath is not quite enough to keep me warm. I love its beige tone, it's soft and cozy too! The color can go with so many pieces I already own. It's one of those basics everyone needs in their wardrobe - pair it with casual pieces or wear over a fancier dress or cigarette pants. Hope you are staying warm today and thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Forever21 cardigan (grey Forever21 here; similar here; love this one too); G-Star jeans; Forever21 leopard print sweater (mine is old, but this one is very similar; as well as this one); Brahmin purse; Swatch watch


Jan 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

A casual look today wearing this parka jacket from Forever21 that I absolutely adore! I wasn't planning on making a blog post out of these pictures, but why not, really? :) I have a similar parka jacket I bought on Asos a couple years ago in an army green color, but there is something in this camel color that just hits the spot for me. I am so happy with it, partly because it's not as baggy as my green one. It has almost a completely different style to it, because it's more snug. It also has a hood lined with leopard print faux fur (bonus!), which is a huge hit for me because I NEVER wear hats. The scarf is my new favorite, bought on Asos of course. I love the black-white-yellow check print (of course I got sold because of the yellow).

Wearing: Forever21 parka (sold out, but I linked an Asos one I also love here); Liquorish scarf (bought on Asos; see one of my previous posts on check print scarves); G-Star jeans; Vince ankle boots (bought at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the cost); Pulicati purse (old one, also bought at TJ Maxx).

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