Feb 28, 2016

Leopard print sweater

This leopard print sweater has been such an obsession of mine recently, even though I got it so long ago! I often forget I got something (too many clothes!) or I simply re-discover that I like something a lot after not having it worn for a long time. Such is the case with this sweater from Forever21. I'll admit it's a little itchy, and maybe that was the initial reason why I didn't wear it too much right after getting it. I don't do well with itchy sweaters or scarves, but I will force myself every now and then :) I love that this one is a dark print on an off-white background, as opposed that classic leopard print color you immediately think of. 

Wearing: Forever21 sweater (old, but love this one; and how about this cardigan?); H&M pants; Forever21 pumps; Asos sunglasses; Balenciaga bag (via TheRealReal)


Feb 20, 2016

White knit

As of right now, almost all snow is melted, yay! We are taking advantage of the beautiful and warm weather today, but before all the snow was gone, we took these pictures a couple weekends ago. I got this sweater awhile back at Nasty Gal, way before all the chunky knits became such a must. I love the uneven hem; it adds such great dimension and is such an interesting detail in and of itself that really the rest of the look can be very simple. I also picture a basic button down shirt that I could wear underneath it for a more sophisticated look, or simply to create a work appropriate outfit. I love how the silver shoes pop against the snow on the ground, don't you agree?

Wearing: Nasty Gal sweater (old, but love this one and this one); G-Star jeans; Forever21 shoes; DKNY bag; Swatch watch.


Feb 13, 2016


A quick post today about the versatility of this Target shirt that I got just recently in a men's department. I'll admit it's not the first time I got something in the men's section... I just love the colors of this shirt and the different ways I can style it. Here, a casual look for running errands, but last week I also wore it to work with a structured navy blazer over it (it nicely picked up the navy in the shirt). If you ever want to try something new or just can't find anything you like, try venturing off to a men's department of really any store (Target, H&M, Zara...) and give one of the items you see there a shot! I think in a case of a crisp button down, there's really no telling if you are wearing a women's or a men's shirt. Have fun!

Wearing: Target shirt; Gap pants; Vince ankle boots; Ray Ban sunglasses.


Feb 5, 2016

Pop of red

I love a pop of red! Many years ago I would say that red is my favorite color, but over the years I've come to realize that I don't really like myself in red anymore :) I think it's the color of my complexion; somehow I stopped liking myself in red when I looked in the mirror. So, as an alternative (because I still like the color itself), I wear it as an accent color. In this case, this red detail is so eye catching and adds a great sophistication to an otherwise very simple look. A red bag or a red shoe is also another great option (how fun is this bag?). I am now realizing that I also own a great red statement necklace, which I need to pull out of my jewelry case and wear. I can already picture an all black (or grey) outfit with a red statement necklace!

Wearing: JC Penney sweater (old, but similar one linked here; love this ilycouture.com one with red hearts on elbows); G-Star jeans; Vince ankle boots.

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