Apr 19, 2016


You see them everywhere - lace bras, that regardless if you show their straps a little bit or not, add a little flare to the outfit, even if you're the only one knowing you're wearing one. Here, I wanted to show off mine, but in reality, I don't think I would actually allow other people see it in person haha! I am too self conscious. Plus, I don't really do deep cleavage tops, and to showcase a cute lace bra you kind of have to wear deep cleavage. So for now, just blog pictures for me; no live interactions with other people when my bra straps are showing :)

Wearing: Asos lace bra (very similar here and here); H&M tee; Forever21 plaid shirt; Anine Bing jeans; Dune London ankle booties (got them on Asos).


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