Sep 9, 2016

My wishlist with

Who says summer is over? These pieces may look summer-like, but I truly believe all of them can be worn through fall if paired with the right pieces. How cute would the two dresses look with skinny jeans (worn as tunics if you will; I do that all the time!)? The black dress with the white ruffle in and of itself is a great fall piece. Pair it with a great pair of ankle boots and you're good to go! Both white shirts, I mean, is there even a season in which white shirts are more appropriate than in any other season? I don't think so! A white shirt is a white shirt and can be worn all year round. I also added an off the shoulder and an embroidered top, because, like I said, summer is not over just yet, and those have been such a huge trend the last few months. I hope you like this round-up below and as an added bonus offers such affordable prices that it's almost impossible not to get anything! 
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