Dec 31, 2017

2 in 1 skirt

Alright, so this is my last post in 2017, not my previous one haha! 
However you're celebrating the end of 2017 tonight, have a great time and stay safe! 

So... how lucky was I that this skirt was on sale when I spotted it! I mean... isn't it great? That white pleated insert is just so unique! It definitely makes my 'special pieces in my closet' list. That insert makes it so interesting, and whether I dress it up or down, this skirt will stand out in the crowd. I can never help myself when it comes to unique pieces like this, because I know that even as the years go by, I will still enjoy pulling them out of my closet and wearing them. Here, I opted for a muted color palette and a more dressed up look, but if I added a cool pair of sneakers (in a bright color) I would make it look more casual and street-like. As I am typing this, I am making a mental note to self to wear it again in the spring and summer with a crisp white T-shirt and my red Puma sneakers for a more everyday look.

Wearing: Y.A.S. skirt on (hurry! It's low in stock!); Nasty Gal white sweater (old, very similar here); Gap trench coat (very old, similar here and here); Chloe Susanna ankle boots (in black here). 


Dec 28, 2017

Some army green & some blue

A casual look today - something I very often wear to feel comfortable and to be able to keep up with my kids. Comfort doesn't have to mean boring and I don't have to compromise my style. Those comfortable pieces can have a great color or a fun detail to them, and that basic mom-uniform is a great look that I can enjoy all day. Here, I paired an army green color with a very intense blue at the spare of a moment. Just before leaving the house, I grabbed this scarf I have been wearing on repeat lately, and off I went. Turns out, I like how those two colors look together. 
Anyyyyways... I am now realizing that this might be my last blog post in 2017! How crazy is that? I am also realizing that I should be posting a glitzy and festive NYE look haha, but the reality is that this year we really are laying low and just staying in at home. 2017 went by quick and has not been the easiest one with my dad passing away earlier this year. I haven't been sharing this information before, but yes, it's been tough, with him being very sick and then with his passing it seems like it was a blur at times... I hope this new year, 2018, brings us health, peacefulness and many many great adventures! I wish that for you as well and of course thank you for visiting!

Wearing: Mango bomber jacket (old, similar here and here); Asos scarf (old, similar here and here); Anine Bing jeans (old, love these here and here); Rag and Bone bag; Frye boots (an old TJ Maxx find).


Dec 24, 2017

Faux fur white coat

Hope you all get to enjoy a Holiday break in some shape or form! I am off work for 11 days (but who keeps count, right? haha! Actually my older son does even if I didn't :) ). Anyways, however you celebrate this Holiday season, I hope it's all you were hoping for!
This morning is as perfect as it can be, because we're finally getting some snow! It is snowing as I am typing this and I looooove when it's snowing around Christmas. Especially when I don't have to leave the house, which today I don't, so even better!
My faux fur jacket is Forever21 from a couple seasons ago and I absolutely love it. I tend to be very particular about things: the texture has to be just right, or the length, so on and so forth. And when I was looking for a white faux fur jacket, I was also very particular about what it needed to look and feel like. You know how some faux fur coats have longer hair, which I didn't want. I wanted a shorter, teddy-like hair and wanted my coat to be slightly longer (covering my butt) and be absolutely, perfectly white. And so this one fell into my lap by accident when I was at a Forever21 store. Anyways, every time I wear it I want to wrap myself in it, because it's so damn soft and snuggly!

Wearing: Forever21 faux fur jacket (old, this one looks identical!); Urban Outfitters peplum tee (old, very similar here); Anine Bing jeans (old, similar here and here); Tom's ankle booties in oxblood (another size here); Zara bag (old).  


Dec 19, 2017

Those green metallic pumps again

So in this recent Instagram post I am talking about the perfect fancy pair of shoes that might actually be that one pair you need for the upcoming New Year's (or Christmas Day for that matter)... But the green metallic pumps you see here are my number #2 on that fancy shoe list, or perhaps there is even a tie between the two pairs. Because, oh my gosh, these pumps are so pretty I could stare at them all day haha! The green is that beautiful shade of green you don't come across often and to top it off the metallic finish makes them even better! I had them for a while now but they are still in stock and linked here. Even the most basic outfit will immediately get that elevated feel when you wear these. Here, I opted for a muted color palette for that reason. Plus, any excuse is a good enough excuse for me to wear layers upon layers upon layers haha! And that day I could get away with a light jacket layered over a shirt and a turtleneck due to a warmer weather.

Wearing: Zara green metallic pumps; H&M turtleneck; Asos white button down shirt (old, similar here); Zara jacket (old); Anine Bing jeans (old, similar here and here).


Dec 15, 2017

A beanie hat you NEED

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I do NOT wear hats... Recently though, you might have seen my Instagram posts where I am wearing hats and it's only because of one reason - my hair is finally long enough that I now actually like how I look wearing a hat. Almost all my life my hair was short, and I mean really short, like a pixie cut short, and so I never liked how after putting on a hat not even a smidge of hair was sticking out and I did not like that look. Does that mean that I disliked hats altogether as an accessory? No, it's just that I hated what I looked like wearing them. Now, it's a different story and with this new hair color, I feel like I can finally experiment. Enter, this beautiful Zara beanie! Isn't it the prettiest ever? I love the chunky knit, how slouchy it is and those colors! Took my breath away the first time I saw this beanie and I have been wearing it a ton in these cold temperatures we've been having. Totally in love with it and I learned that once you start exploring the hat world, you can't stop haha! Seriously, so many good ones out there...

Wearing: Zara beanie (less than $16 and comes in two colors); Zara coat (from last year, almost an identical one here and here); Maison Scotch jeans (old, similar here); Anthropologie shirt (old); Target ankle booties; old glasses (similar here).
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