Jan 21, 2018

The sheer socks + sandals look

I am so in love with these sheer, color block socks (hello pop of red!)! The price couldn't be better for these either, as they cost $3! Yes, you read that right! I mean, not to sound like a broken record, but a pop of red is my obsession.... But surprisingly, it wasn't the red color that sold me on those... it was the overall color block effect. Lately, I have been loving that sheer sock look when you pair them with sandals or a great pair of pumps. I love all the star printed ones you see everywhere too (stay tuned for that look). To really showcase this sheer sock look well, you also have to wear just the right outfit. Since it's cold outside, I didn't want to have my legs bare, so I opted for a pair of jeans, which I cut to this length the night before haha! I wanted a pair that slightly got wider towards the bottom (I know, I am NOT wearing skinny jeans here haha). It was an old pair, so I didn't really think twice and just took the risk cutting them. I love how the length allows for the socks to really stand out. Are any of you on team 'sheer sock look' or not really?

Wearing: Asos sheer socks; H&M turtleneck; Target plaid shirt (old, similar here); Buffalo jeans (old,   similar here and here); Target block heel sandals (identical here, lower heel here).



  1. Love your socks and sandals look. Its such a fun way to accessorize!

    Allegra xx

    Freelance Fashion Stylist

    1. It really is. Thank you for your comment. I have not been that excited in a long time... those socks made me smile when I first saw them!

  2. Great socks!


    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your comment!


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