Feb 9, 2018

Blue sneakers & new ripped jeans

It's been a long time since I last got a pair of jeans. Partly because I have a pair or two that I absolutely love and wear constantly, therefore I didn't see any need to get a new pair. And partly because I wear jeans only on the weekends (can't wear them to work), so then how many pairs do I actually need, right? But I've been wanting a distressed pair, in a skinny fit but not too skinny, and just an overall comfy pair to wear with anything. By accident I came across this H&M pair (which now is on sale for $19.99!). I am so happy with the fit and a mega high waist (always a plus for me). They come in two other washes, so you will for sure love at least on of them. I think I found my mom jeans haha and by 'mom' I mean a pair that is comfortable enough for me to wear when I chase after my boys. 

One more thing worth mentioning - I've said this before that I love wearing sneakers and this pair you see is a new color I got, but I have had a beige ones for a few years now and they are THE BEST! Definitely worth splurging on as they are made of the softest leather (gets even better and softer the longer you wear them), are so well made that even after wearing them almost non-stop for a few years, you couldn't even tell how much wear they have on them. Plus, the exposed zipper on the outer sides is just that unique detail that I always fall for. See the beige pair I've had for years hereherehere and here.

Wearing: H&M jeans; Diesel sneakers (also in red and purple); LaRedoute fax fur jacket (similar here and here); H&M bag.



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