Apr 7, 2018


Snow on the ground, I know! In April! Actually... we took these photos a while back, but frankly, this is not too far off from our current situation, as just two days ago it snowed a tiny bit. K, I am not going to be a broken record, and will not say how much I am done with this winter... LOL, just did.

Anyways, a not so fun fact about these photos, is when I posted one of them to my Instagram the same day we took them, I said 'feeling peachy' as that's what this sweatshirt says and literally within hours I was sick and not feeling so peachy after all. It was then that I got the flu and was out for a solid week. And I do mean a week; off work, sick in bed for a week. Not fun!

But this sweatshirt is so fun, no? I love the pop of red, obviously, but also the light pink color and the fact that it doesn't have a hoodie, but rather a high neck with a draw string. I wish I had gotten around to posting these sooner, as this top is sold out now... but I linked a very similar one below!

Wearing: Forever21 sweatshirt (sold out, very similar here and love this one); H&M jeans (also similar here and here); Linea Paolo shoes; Rag & Bone cross body bag; Bonnie Clyde sunglasses.



  1. What a wonderful sweatshirt, want!

    1. Thank you; I appreciate your comment! Too bad it's old, sorry! But I linked quite a similar one.

    2. They had it in stock here in UK, lucky me!

  2. Just adore this whole outfit and I am SOOO impressed you can rock these heels in the snow!!! Just adore your blog Monika!!




    1. You are too sweet! Thank you; that makes me want to work even harder on it!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love blush pink tones ~Monika


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