May 12, 2018

Gingham + ruffled skirt

See the little gizmo attached to the inside hem of my skirt? These are Dress Weights (I got a set of two) that I am using to add some weight to my skirt fabric. These are so inventive, don't you think? They add weight and keep the hem of a dress or skirt down when the wind blows. How appropriate that we live in Chicago, The WINDY City, so they are absolutely meant for me! It was actually windy today too (took these photos today) and they really worked! Check them out; love how practical they are! 

Happy Mother's Day Eve! I hope that all weekend long, all you mamas out there get the love and attention you deserve! But in reality, all we need is a relaxing day, where we do just a little bit of less cleaning, cooking and less everything else we do EVERY DAY haha! Just keeping it real for you guys!

Anywho... My skirt is a recent buy, but I have seen this skirt around last summer too. I first saw it (or a very similar one) on Amber of The Barefoot Blonde blog and loved how she styled it. But before I knew it, summer was over and I was like 'meh, where will I wear it now in the fall'? So fast forward to now and it was still in stock, but now for only $8! Yes, you read that right: $8!

I love the vibrancy of the red and thought, why not step outside the box and do a red lip too? So here we are, wearing lipstick today, which I NEVER do, but it felt good to do something different.

Hope you're having a great weekend thus far and thank you for visiting!

Wearing: Shein gingham skirtDress Weights; Zara sweater (comes in 10 different colors); Converse   high top sneakers; Pulicati bag; Asos marble sunglasses (old, similar here and here).



  1. Love that skirt! So pretty!

    Allegra xx

    Allegra Ghiloni Fashion Stylist

    1. Thank you Allegra. I really appreciate your comment.

  2. This skirt is so adorable! I love gingham

    1. Thank you. It will be my summer go-to!

  3. I would have pared this skirt with just plain white top. Love the look of it with grey. I love how u play with colours.


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