May 17, 2018

How to style polka dots

I'll admit... if I had to pick which of the two patterns I like most - polka dots or stripes - I would definitely say 'stripes'. But... every now and then I come across a polka dot item I just can't resist, and such was the case with this wrap top. It was probably the blue that caught my eye the most, and I just didn't mind the polka dots LOL!

This pattern seems to be everywhere now and I think I will do a whole 'nother post about it and link all the polka dot pieces I am loving right now... but for now, how lovely is this blouse?
The blue is this clear-blue-sky color and just screams SUMMER! I didn't want to pair it with anything contrasting, so I opted for jeans in a light wash that almost in a way is a very similar color.

I also intentionally wanted to pick up the white off the polka dots so you see a white bag and white sneakers here. I say 'intentionally' because many times in my case I pair items last minute or plan on one thing, but then change my mind in a spur of a moment. But here, I deliberately wore white accents and hey... I can never say no to wearing my Converse sneakers anyways...

I said before that this top is so summer like to me and so another way to wear it would be in a very I-am-on-vacation kind of way, so think a maxi white skirt and a straw hat!

Wearing: Forever21 polka dot wrap top; Gap jeans (on sale now for less than $55. I wear them ALL the time!); Converse sneakers; Pulicati bag. 



  1. That blue color is simply amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. Aw! Thanks! I usually focus on tops LOL because I normally always wear jeans and I don't have too many pairs, just a few I really LOVE

  3. I need this top. I love everything with polka dot pattern

    1. Thanks Thenia! I typically love stripes more, but couldn't say no this pretty blue!


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