Aug 10, 2018

Floral pants + the best Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn mules

Contrasting colors today that somehow work together even with the bold burgundy background. Or at least, they work together in my opinion, but of course some may disagree :)

I wear light pants like these over the summer sometimes at home too; and I say that because the minute I get home I change into 'home' clothes LOL. Does anyone else does that? I know I am not the only one! It's only in the movies that you see people wear the same clothes they wore all day also at home, but realistically, I would guess the statistics would say that this happens 2% of the time haha!

So anyway, I say that these are so comfy they could qualify for that 'home' status. They may be a bit bolder (in color and print) than what I normally like for my bottoms, but I do like these! 

Guys, I had to wear these AMAZING plump mules again; I cannot help myself! Just how genius are the plump straps?? Ah, the kind of pair of shoes that will forever be that special pair I own!

Wearing: NA-KD pants; Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn mule sandals (check out a flat version here and here); Zara sweater (old, similar here and here).



  1. Waw! this is pretty cool look thank you for sharing with us.
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  2. love your choice of sandals too!


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