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Hello and welcome! I am Monika (35), I currently live in Chicago with my husband and two beautiful boys. I am a creative spirit, who loves fashion and all things crafty. I love interior design and repurposing things as well. I have decided to start blogging about my personal style, all the things that inspire me, and my various fashion and home DIY projects. I grew up in Poland, but moved to Chicago in 1999 with my parents and my brother. I enjoy the idea of not spending too much on fashion, or should I say, enjoy spending money on fashion, but rather through bargain shopping and hunting for one of a kind pieces. I love getting my hands on good quality items at much lower than retail prices. Hence, frugalgals, the name of this blog. Since my closet is full of items that may no longer be available in stores (items collected and saved throughout the years), this blog will many times serve as an inspiration, which I am glad to share with everyone who visits it. I also, of course, get inspired by many trendy and ‘in’ items, but I always like to put my own spin on them and I don’t blindly chase trends, but rather make them work for me and my personal style. I like mixing different styles for unconventional looks, as well as mixing masculine with feminine pieces, the old with the new, thrift store finds with current and on-trend items. My style sometimes goes through phases, but one constant thing is that I love edgy and unexpected items: clothing, jewelry and accessories. On that note, thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy!


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