Jewelry love

We love interesting jewelry; doesn’t everyone…? Sometimes all you need to make an outfit is a great statement necklace or a bracelet and you’re done. Very often, I myself, wear some very basic clothes, but make an interesting outfit by adding on a piece of jewelry that is perfectly enough to make the whole outfit stand out. Necklaces are probably my thing; I have never been too into bracelets or earrings. With rings, however, I go through phases where I enjoy a statement ring, but then for months and months all I wear are delicate rings you can barely see or actually none at all. The necklaces you see here are (from the top): Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, from Etsy (green bow), from a local antique shop (brooch), Anthropologie, from Nordstrom Rack. Many more pictures to come in the future. I somehow love taking pictures of jewelry, so you will see more for sure. Or check out our pics on our Instagram page. Thanks for visiting!


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