More summer looks…

Hello! Today I am sharing with you another summer look. I have a few more saved up from last year and eventually they need to find their way into the blog 🙂 This was a casual night out with my hubby (we cherish those as they don’t come around too often anymore having a toddler at home). Even though we were excited to get out of the house, we ended up eating our dinner pretty quickly and heading back home 🙂 We’re so lame, but we missed our little one and were pretty tired, which is what having kids will do to you. No complaints though! The outfit was something I put together quickly, as we were not going out anywhere super fancy, but of course I had to dress it up with at least a pair of heels to give it at least something special and not have it be too casual. I love these Zara heels I got on sale, but I have to say they are not very comfortable. OR that could just be me, since I am not used to wearing heels too often anymore. I used to LIVE in heels (everyday at work, weekends, etc.), but ever since becoming a mom, let’s face it, heels started collecting dust at the back of my closet. Anyways, I still buy heels, because it’s a love that never died, but not as many. These I had to get the minute I saw them. The mint detail on the heel is so funky and unique, I could not resist myself. I am very much into a special detail; something that makes a shoe or a garment very unique and interesting. It’s all in the details, isn’t it? I am sure many of you can relate. Thanks for visiting!

Wearing: Helmut Lang bra (already featured on the blog a few times); G-Star cargo pants; Zara heels; Pulicati bag; Target T-shirt.


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