Casual wear for a walk with my family

Hello! TodayI have a go-to casual look for you for running errands on the weekend or simply for hanging out with my little one. It’s not spring in Chicago just yet, so these last year’s pics are a warm reminder of what’s to come hopefully soon… I love this denim shirt with bleached out spots all over it that I purchased on Asos (ha! of course) awhile back. It is really well made (stitches, etc. which I always pay attention to. Hey, just because something does not cost a fortune, doesn’t mean I don’t hold it to high standards haha); the fabric is thick enough that even after being washed so many times, it still looks good! I love those came cargo pants too, which add such an interesting flare to any outfit. I love casual wear to the point of being very masculine (camo pants, right?). Cute dresses and heels everyday are so not me; I could wear jeans and baggy clothes all day, everyday, in a true man-repeller style. Speaking of, is one of my favorite blogs out there and I firmly stand by that philosophy. Hope you’re having a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

Wearing: Asos denim shirt; Old Navy pants; Converse sneakers; Ray Ban sunglasses; DKNY purse.


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