Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Today being April 1st (and April Fools Day no less) we are a little annoyed that it still feels like winter in Chicago. Hence, a call for layers. I do love layering, but I would prefer that we finally get spring and some sunshine… In the meantime, we need either a few layers of thinner clothing or still a puffy jacket, which I refuse to wear anymore (so sick of wearing it for the last few months!). I love the leather jacket I am wearing here, which by itself may not be warm enough, but with a thick sweater underneath it’s just perfect. The sweater is an old wrap sweater with a cool cascading, peplum-like detail in the back, which you can’t see here, but I will feature it by itself one day so it’s showcased. It’s pretty much my go to look if I don’t feel like spending too much time trying to figure out what to wear. The lime green scarf is one of my favorites and it was only about $20 at Charlotte Russe; unfortunately an old one. Hope you have a wonderful day and the whole week! Thanks for visiting.

Wearing: DKNY leather jacket; LaRedoute sweater; Gap jeans; Aldo booties; Gianni Chiarini bag.


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