Being (very) frugal…

Hello and happy Labor Day weekend! Helmut Lang is one of my favorite brands ever, but it’s a bit pricey for me, so I am especially happy when I find something by this brand for super cheap. Those pants I found on eBay for…$20! Brand new with tags and in my size! I couldn’t believe my luck, it’s like I won the lottery given how much they probably cost originally! I love them because they fit me precisely how I wanted – loose in my butt and my crotch, but tight along my legs (calfs especially). They are very much appropriate for work (corporate office in my case), but also what a great item to wear with a more casual top or casual sandals. Here, I am wearing a blazer, which makes it for a more office look, but this could very well be a dinner out look thanks to a casual T-shirt. I also need to mention this lace bra top I am wearing underneath the T-shirt. I love deep V neck T-shirts, but I do not like showing cleavage, so…what a great solution to wear a bra top underneath that’s almost like a top in itself, because no one could tell that it’s actually a bra. I got it on Asos for dirt cheap and have been wearing it constantly ever since. I’ve decided to get more bra tops that I can wear underneath T-shirts, so I am currently on a look out for some cute ones in various colors. I think it’s a genius solution to not showing cleavage if you don’t want to, don’t you think?

Wearing: Helmut Lang pants; H&M T-shirt; Asos bra top; Forever21 blazer; Tom’s peep toe booties.


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