Last weekend before Christmas!

Last weekend before Christmas! I love this time of year and I wish we had just a little bit of snow, but as you can see in the pictures we have ZERO snow and it does not look like we will have any for Christmas. It’s amazing, this weather this year; it hasn’t been cold at all and it snowed only twice thus far! I am wearing a sweatshirt with embroidered Christmas detail, which I got a couple of years ago on Etsy for an ugly Christmas sweater party that year. But to be honest, I am kind of loving this sweatshirt, because, turns out, I don’t think it’s ugly at all haha! The fact that the Christmas detail is so subtle makes it not too flashy and it no longer qualifies as an ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater (at least that’s my opinion). That year when I got it I ended up wearing it so often all through winter and I might just do that this year too! Hope you all have a wonderful time next week filled with love, laughter and cozy evenings by the fireplace!

Wearing: G-Star jeans; Forever21 pumps.


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