Orange & embroidered

March 25, 2017

By a complete accident I come across this sweatshirt in a mens’ department (yes, mens’ department) and I had to have it! Wouldn’t you? The bright orange is so me right now, because I have been craving and loving bright colors lately. Add these embroidered flowers along the sleeves and I am SOLD! I have never really been a sweatshirt kind of person, but this little number will come in handy and the design is just spot on. Do you like orange at all? I find it a difficult color to wear, but on a special piece like this one I didn’t even think twice about it.

Wearing: Forever21 mens’ hoodie (I got an XS); Forever21 cap; Anine Bing jeans; Converse high tops; Target coat (old, similar here and here).

9 responses to “Orange & embroidered”

  1. Liz Morrison says:

    I'm so surprised that's from the men's section! It looks cute on you!

  2. Chuky Reyna says:

    I love your flower sweatshirt! I would've bought it too!

  3. Cristina Medina says:

    Your hoodie is so pretty! I love the roses on

  4. Lauren Bessette says:

    Love those sleeves! Such fun detail!xo,

  5. Tiffany Schmoyer says:

    I have been obsessed with the embroidery trend! this sweatshirt is perfect

  6. Alyssa Walls says:

    LOVE the hoodie! The floral details are amazing. So funny you found it in the men's department!xxAlyssa ||

  7. Angelica Chavez says:

    Such a happy hoodie! 😀

  8. Emily Soto says:

    I love the embroidered detail! Such a fun look!Emily

  9. Azanique Rawl says:

    This orange is so pretty! I love it-xoxo,

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