Pop of red

Hello guys! So I know I have been saying that I love wearing black and I still stand by it as I consider it to be my favorite color of all time, but I do love wearing color too! Very often I catch myself being very attracted to colorful images of other fellow bloggers or I will gasp at a beautiful piece of clothing or a pair of shoes in a vibrant color, any color! But apparently, I love a pop of red! Couldn’t you tell by looking at the pics above haha? So I made a little collage of my favorite looks where I am either wearing something red or standing in front of a red background. Funny thing is that growing up I used to say that red was my favorite color, but I never really wore red at all. I think I loved the idea of that particular color on me more than I liked myself actually wearing it. Fast forward some years and I seem to finally wear at least a tiny pop of red here and there.

What is your favorite color?

First Image: Upper left; Upper right; Lower right; Lower left

Second Image: Upper left; Upper right; Lower right; Lower left


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