My first pair of overalls ever, would you believe it? Thank you Shein! Somehow where I grew up (in Poland) overalls were never a thing and my whole life went by without me owning a pair. I have to say, not my first choice for a pant style, but they are actually very comfortable. They make the whole look even though I obviously had to pick a top to wear them with. I opted for a classic button down shirt to make this outfit more ‘mature’ looking. After all, I am not a teenager anymore haha! I felt that if I wore a T-shirt here, I would look ‘too young’ if that even makes sense to any of you. Ok, then maybe I’ll stop rambling haha! Hope your week is going great and thank you for visiting!

Wearing: Shein overalls; Asos shirt; Miss Sixty shoes (old); Swatch watch; 3.1 Phillip Lim bag.

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