Purples & gray from Forever21

We were taking these photos last weekend when it was unusually cold for this time of year. And very windy… Anyways, we scrambled to get them done quickly and get back into our warm car (#bloggerproblems). I’ve mentioned this before that my husband takes my photos and because photography is his hobby (it has been long before I got into blogging) he is the one to come up with different shooting angles for me. I mean, I have my own ideas, but a lot of what you get to see here comes from him, which I TRULY appreciate! What this process looks like for us, the fact that we both work full time, means that we only get to this on the weekends. Having two small kids, that also means that we can only plan for shooting photos in between errands or playtime. We NEVER separate with the kids to work on blogging stuff; meaning we shoot photos while being with the kids. If we’re at the park and the kids are playing, we will snap a few pics, or we stop by one of my go to photo-taking spots and we snap a few pics there. I would feel extremely guilty (#momguiltisapowerfulthing) if I, on top of working my full time job, would then leave them behind on the weekends to go shoot my blog content. I just don’t do it, period. I try to pursue my passion such that it doesn’t disrupt our routines with kids, or it does so very minimally. It has been working fine so far, but I will say it takes A LOT of planning ahead, a lot of patience from my husband and my boys too… Why am I mentioning any of this? I guess because I feel like I always take my pics with the same background (we have a #1 go-to spot) and I don’t want to bore anyone haha! If it seems that I always am in front of the same background, know that I am working extremely hard to bring you some variety haha. Alright, now onto this Forever21 blouse, which I am adoring! I love  the contrast of the purples with the gray and the watercolor effect of the print. I love it with jeans, but I will for sure wear it to the office too!

Wearing: Forever21 blouse; Maison Scotch jeans (old, similar here and here); Target ankle boots (mine are without the tie); Miss Sixty bag (old).

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