12 facts about me you didn’t know..

Finally getting to it as I wanted to do a blog post like this one for a while now… So here goes; hope you enjoy these 12 facts about me (random number, I know)!

1. I was born and raised in Poland (Europe; as was my husband). I migrated to US with my family when I was 19; my husband was 24 at that time and not my husband just yet as we didn’t know each other then. We met in Chicago around Christmas time in 2001 and it’s been our hometown all these years.

2. Since we’ve spent a huge chunk of our lives in Poland, we obviously are fluent in Polish and speak Polish at home and to our kids.

3. I have an accounting degree, which couldn’t be further from what I am doing here, right? haha

4. As a kid I wanted to be a librarian (#truestory)! My brother and I played ‘the library’; we had library cards and made stamps in books when one of us was ‘borrowing’ the book. I, to this day, consider myself a book worm.

5. I come from a family of sewing women (on my mom’s side) and maybe that explains my sewing bug… I used to make my own purses and attempted making clothes, but it’s way more complicated than I then thought haha. Although, I did make one dress that I think turned out fine and I can wear out in the public (or so I think haha) so maybe I will make a blog post out of it.

6. I love DYIing and wish I had more time for home projects… Painting has to be my favorite and every time we moved I painted ALL the walls, plus some cabinets here and there.

7. Home décor-wise, I love country/farmhouse style with a touch of eclectic! Jo and Chip from Fixer Upper could come and re-do my house any day (but they would have to use some colors)! I love adding unexpected touches to our décor to create that eclectic mix.

8. I love Etsy! Anything handmade and unique and I am SOLD! I love pieces that stand out and I am not just talking clothes, but also jewelry, home décor, quirky things that are one of a kind! Etsy is my go-to for gifts, inspiration, party décor, you name it!

9. Working full time, being a mom of two and finding time to blog is a struggle! I do the best I can but know that there are plenty bad, hot mess days and bad mom moments when tiredness gets the best of me. On that note, as you scroll through the prettiest photos on people’s social media, don’t ever think that everyone else has their sh** together and you don’t. I have to remind myself that all the time when I start comparing myself or my life to others. No one is perfect and people don’t post hot mess photos, right? That includes me. I hope though, that from my kids’ perspective there are not a lot of those bad days (#fingerscrossed).

10. My favorite bands of all time have to be The Corrs, No Doubt, Dixie Chicks and The Cranberries. I was extremely saddened by the recent passing away of Dolores from The Cranberries. I feel so lucky to have seen them live at a concert a few years ago. I also got to attend a No Doubt’s concert and Dixie Chicks’ as well, so that makes 3 out of 4. The Corrs is an Irish band and they hardly ever come visit US, but should they visit one day, I will be there! Or I will just have to visit Ireland…

11. In relation to above, I still buy CDs (yes! some things will never change) because there’s nothing better than opening up a CD case and flipping through the lyrics book inside! On that note, I also buy books, not borrow them. I always want to have my own copy even when someone is willing to borrow their copy to me. Luckily, my hubby is a very handy guy and he can build me more book shelves haha!

12. I am THE biggest Friends fan! I probably know every single episode by heart and can cite dialogs  if a situation calls for it. OK, not ‘probably’… I DO know every episode by heart. My husband says that it is insanity that I still laugh at the same jokes and lines over and over again haha!

If you read through this entire post, THANK YOU! If you didn’t, that’s alright too! I hope to see you soon back on my blog anyways 🙂

Thanks for visiting!


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