New blush pink & ruffled blouse

January 18, 2018

I don’t wear pink often, but whenever I do, I really enjoy it. It depends what kind of shade of pink too… I can’t say that I love very bright pinks. On other people, yes, but not necessarily on me. But this blush pink color you see here today is just lovely! I paired it with this old H&M jacket because I wanted the different shades of pink (and rust) to play off each other. I really like how this combo turned out, as I don’t wear this jacket often either, always thinking that it doesn’t go well with a lot of things in my closet. But hey, I paid $10 bucks for it way back when, so it was definitely a great buy! My blouse is $24 right now, so please hurry as I think it will go quick. You can’t see it here, but it has shoulder cutouts too that take this blouse to a whole ‘nother level… Sorry guys, I couldn’t take my jacket off to show you haha! It was so cold (I am talking 8 degrees F) that despite trying I couldn’t do it. Turns out, there IS a limit to how much I can ‘suffer’ for fashion haha!

Wearing: Asos ruffle blouse; H&M jacket (old); Maison Scotch jeans (old, similar here and here); Chloe Susanna boots (beige suede here, black here).

6 responses to “New blush pink & ruffled blouse”

  1. samantha sheinson says:

    Love all the color pops. The brocade is beautiful against the pink top!

  2. Society Fix says:

    In love with this jacket. PS this shade of pink looks so good on you. Youtube:

  3. Maj-Britt B. says:

    Oh I love this beautiful look*-*Kisses from GermanyxxMaj-Britt

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