Blue sweater + a cape coat

March 18, 2018

Sorry guys…. same blue sweater as seen in a couple posts ago, but I just can’t help it haha! Who knew I liked blue so much… or maybe it’s just that particular blue? Anyways… it matched perfectly with the blue in this cape coat that I’ve had for years. And I mean, perfectly! It really is the exact same blue shade! This cape is not worn by me too often, unfortunately. Despite the fact that it’s a coat, it’s pretty light and the lack of coverage along my arms makes it not very warm or practical. But damn it looks great, doesn’t it? I think overall capes are made to make a statement, not keep anyone warm haha! So with that in mind, can’t be disappointed here, as it is doing its job, which is to make a statement. 

On a different note, the day we took these photos was so cold that to my point above – this cape coat did NOT keep me warm lol. Tomorrow there is supposed to be a major warm up AND it’s my hubby’s birthday, so I am pretty pumped about that!

Hope you all are having a great weekend thus far!

Wearing: Asos blue sweater (plus, a very similar one here); Asos cape coat (old); H&M jeans (plus, similar here); Nine West ankle boots (very similar herehere and here); Zara bucket bag (plus, identical here).

9 responses to “Blue sweater + a cape coat”

  1. Allegra Ghiloni says:

    Love your outfit! That cape is amazing!Allegra xxAllegra Ghiloni Fashion

  2. Ivanasworld says:

    Beautiful coat and beautiful sweater :)

  3. Kelli Testa says:

    omg, I am wearing this sweater right now! haha, looks fab on you pretty lady!

  4. Thenia Pearls & Brandy says:

    This cape coat is so unique and fab!

  5. Michelle says:

    Such a beautiful and unique piece! I've never seen anything like that before!

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