Earrings – delicate or statement?

April 21, 2018

So I’ve said this so many times before, that nowadays I prefer small, barely there jewelry; be it rings, earrings or bracelets (although bracelets, generally speaking, is my least favorite type of jewelry).

But… maybe recently you’ve also seen this Instagram post of mine or this one and think, well, I am kind of contradicting myself haha! But trust me, those two pairs of larger earrings are really the FIRST time I got large sized earrings in probably ten or so years. Why? I really don’t know. Something in those particular styles really spoke to me or it might be that summer is approaching and I feel like spicing things up? LOL. Not sure, but my fall back is still minimal jewelry and I gravitate towards small pieces 99% of the time.

I have a confession to make though, more large statement pairs of earrings will make their way into my jewelry box, particularly this pair in ‘Rainbow’ color… Ah, love!

Do you like to wear larger accessories or prefer small pieces? Or perhaps, none?

Large earrings I currently love: Zara beaded earrings in pink/green; Urban Outfitters tortoise loop earrings; Bauble Bar Marietta earrings, Bauble Bar tassel earrings in lavender; Anthropologie beaded earrings.

9 responses to “Earrings – delicate or statement?”

  1. SilverEdit says:

    Considering my short grey hair, large statement earrings are the only way to go!!

  2. Ivana Split says:

    honestly I love both, but I wear delicate earrings more often because they are more practical.http://modaodaradosti.blogspot.ba/

  3. Www.stayathomestylist.com says:

    These are so pretty and delicate

  4. Thenia Pearls & Brandy says:

    Those statement earrings are really gorgeous!

  5. Michelle says:

    Those studs are really cute! Really nice and subtle statement piece!

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