Honey color head to toe!

September 20, 2018

When I posted one of these photos on my Instagram account the other day, I captioned it ‘dripped in honey’ haha… because this outfit really is that honey brown color and I rarely wear the same color head to toe.

This blouse… wish it was in stock still; it sold so quick once it went on sale at Zara. Zara, when they sell out their stock at the end of a season, they really drop the prices by a lot and so this one ended up being less than $20!

Make a mental note – Zara sales are the best LOL! They held this sale sometime in August getting rid of their summer stock before fall comes and if you keep track of these, you can really get great stuff for really cheap. 

On that note, maybe I myself will make a mental note and write a post about these sales as they come up to help you out. Come spring, they’ll be selling out their fall/ winter stuff, so I can do a post about it then as a reminder.

Good news now – my pants and sandals are in stock, now both on sale via Asos and Target, respectively. Linked to them directly below. I’ll admit, high waisted pants sometimes scare me, but these turned out OK; I have been wearing them a lot since I got them and I might come up with a few more outfit ideas for the blog, so hope you don’t think it’s an overkill on my part 🙂

Wearing: Asos high waist pants; Zara blouse (similar here and here); Target sandals (also come in black, beige and red).

6 responses to “Honey color head to toe!”

  1. Unknown says:

    I love the honey colour outfit, the purple shoes give it a lovely colour pop.👌

  2. Nikki Arnold Hall says:

    This color is so pretty on you!! What a great way to transition into fall!!

  3. Ashh says:

    I love that pop of lavender you added to this outfit. LOVE this look on you gorgeous x

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