Pink hooded sweatshirt with a graphic!

October 28, 2018

Soooo, I walk in H&M to looks at kids’ winter jackets and I spot this pink sweatshirt in a men’s department! Yes, men’s! Nothing against men wearing pink, I actually like the concept; all I’m saying is that I don’t care whose department this sweatshirt was in – I wanted it, period!

I LOVE that particular pink shade and the white graphic adds such a nice touch and so much interest in my opinion. Needless to say, it needed to find its way into my closet!

Fyi on the kids jackets – I had one particular jacket in mind (I spotted it online) but I couldn’t find it in the store, so… left empty handed except for the said sweatshirt.

I like the color combo you see here… I have a few color mixes I especially love and truly anything involving pink has been at the very top of my favorites list recently. I am not even sure why I all of a sudden like pink so much; never owned a pink anything a few years ago… 

But our styles change, and somehow pink has become one of my favorite colors for me. In this camel / pink mix you see here, I really appreciate the camel being such a classy and sophisticated color and the pink being that edge and fun color and so those two together create and interesting mix, one that stands out and is unexpected.

Wearing: H&M hooded sweatshirt (wearing a size S); Zara camel coat (from last year, almost identical Zara here, similar here and here); G-Star jeans (old, similar here); Vince ankle boots (old, love these and these).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the contrasting white print with this pink color!

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