Orange parka!

November 15, 2018

I am definitely a parka person when it comes to winter outerwear. Never been a fan of huge padded down coats (with a few exceptions that I could never afford haha!). Buuut, as I type this I should note that I just recently purchased a padded coat, but not your typical huge down padded coat, so I stand by what I said before about not being a fan of your typical, sleeping bag-like down coats.

Anyhow… I digress… So, always loved parka style coats for winter the most and I have had a green one the last few years but as much as I liked it, I just can’t wear it yet another winter season and needed a change LOL!

And what a change I’ve made, right? This orange color is so in your face; some might say that I look like my second job has to be that of a construction worker or a traffic controller in this orange color haha! And actually someone has said that to me LOL but I brush it off and stand by my choice!

In a sea of all black and gray winter coats out there I for sure will stand out in this one haha!

Love the oversize fit (as all parka coats should be) and how warm it is! It has extra padded lining and faux fur lining from the waist up; perfect for Chicago winters! I linked it below but hurry – it is selling out fast!

Wearing: Asos parka coat; Target beanie hat; Vince ankle boots (love these and these); Anine Bing jeans (similar and affordable here and here); Nobody’s Child sweater (almost identical here).

8 responses to “Orange parka!”

  1. Nikki Arnold Hall says:

    Love this parka babe, so fun for winter!!

  2. Ashh G says:

    This orange waterproof jacket/coat looks great.

  3. Jennifer Pickering says:

    I love how bright it is!!JenniferEffortlessly Sophisticated

  4. Cherryann Williams says:

    Perfect for this season and weather. Loving the color!!!

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