Little things we love about Christmas


Wanted to do a quick post about what we love around Christmas time & various little traditions we like to cultivate with our boys:


1. Our boys get excited early about Christmas as we pull out the advent calendar on December 1st. Ours is a garland of sorts with little knitted socks numbered for each day of December leading up to Christmas (got it a few years back at Pottery Barn). Every morning they are so excited to check out what’s in today’s little sock LOL! My husband and myself put in tiny candy or chocolates the night before – the kind we know they’ll love.


2. I admit… for years we’ve had fake Christmas trees at our house but we’ve started picking a real one a couple years back and it’s safe to say we will NEVER go back to having a fake one. It is so fun to go to a farm and pick a real tree, tie it up to your car and drive back home with it in anticipation and excitement to start decorating it!

We’ve been going to a farm where the trees are pre-cut, but there’s also ones where you cut your own tree you’ve picked (my brother and sister-in-law do that)… maybe something to do as our kids get older.


3. I am not a baker, and neither is Robert, but we try to bake something together that is Christmas themed, like cookies and such, but this little tradition we’re still working on LOL and I want to stay consistent with it. If we don’t have time to bake something for Christmas day, we just do it post Christmas on any given day while at home during the Christmas break.


4. This year we picked up a gingerbread house at Trader Joe’s to assemble and decorate and it was so much fun… Our younger one didn’t seem to be much into it haha, but Leo loved putting on the icing and sticking candy and gummy bears to it.


5. Christmas tree ornaments – I love non-matching, whimsical ornaments collected over the years, bought at random places as I come across them. Target is a great place to pick up really cute, one off ornaments (I don’t like sets). We also keep all fun ornaments that kids made over the years at daycare/ school/ at home, etc. We may not decorate our tree with all of them in a given year (we’ve collected quite a few), but I keep them nonetheless. The kids are so happy when they see ornaments put up that they’ve made themselves… priceless!


6. We love going to the movies as a family. We’ve been finally able to do that the last year or so as our younger son can now sit through the whole movie 95% of the time haha! Not that this has anything to do with Christmas itself per se, but around Christmas time when we’re off work for a good chunk of time, we go to the movies and let the kids go to bed late knowing we don’t have to rush out the door the next morning to school, work, etc. The boys are in heaven staying out late and watching a cartoon at the movies. The little things that get them so excited, right?


What are your/ your family’s little traditions around the Holidays?


  1. Nikki Arnold Hall
    December 19, 2018 / 8:08 pm

    I def see you as a whimsical ornament person!! I feel like you just know what thinks to put together and they will look so well, my MIL is like that too. I am so matchy matchy lol and I always have to have a theme, for my tree, wrapping paper ect. haha. I really want to start getting some one off ornaments this year to mark each year as a family though as a xmas gift to my hubs and kids.

    • Monika
      December 20, 2018 / 4:12 pm

      Thanks Nikki, I totally am a whimsical anything person LOL. I like especially those that have some story behind them, kept for years or made by my kids.

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