Colorful jogger pants!

April 14, 2019









These colorful jogger pants are the only garment I own that makes a sound haha! I kid you not – it’s the fabric that makes sounds when I walk or move and the sounds announce my presence for me before I even physically enter a room! LOL! But leave it to me to pick the most colorful jogger pants because why the hell not?! Haha!

When I posted these on my Instagram page, I had to write a caption about how my hubby just rolled his eyes at these! True story because he really did. But did I ever dress for him LOL? Ummm no! I get that he hates 80’s fashion (those pants are SO 80’s) but I love them! Love the color blocking and how comfy they are. And hey… will I just wear them to workout or bike? Don’t think so… because look, I am wearing a regular turtleneck sweater here and I think I created an outfit that is not a workout outfit…. hence… these are not just meant for exercising or ‘jogging’ (as the name might suggest). So there ya have it LOL!


Wearing: Asos jogger pants; H&M turtleneck sweater (similar here); Diesel sneakers (sold out, other sneakers here); Rag & Bone crossbody bag.


6 responses to “Colorful jogger pants!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    These remind me of my childhood!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. somepopofcolor says:

    🙂 Thanks Jennifer, me too!

  3. Ashh Goel says:

    Love that pop of colour Monika. You teamed it so well with neutral soft jumper.

  4. somepopofcolor says:

    Thank you Ashh! I really wanted to let the joggers be the focus here! 🙂

  5. Courtney Byers says:

    OMG I just love these. They bring me back to the 90s days where I loved joggers. I might have to get these. Too cute.

  6. somepopofcolor says:

    Yes Courtney! Totally getting the 80’s, 90’s vibe in these!

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