Red socks with floral print + sandals!










Hopefully one of the last posts for this season wearing a thick coat! We’ve had a warm up just recently but the temperatures will dip again for us, so I thought it would still be appropriate to post about wearing a coat. But really, I hope that these red socks are the focus here because they are so damn cool! Love the almost exact color match to my coat and the floral pattern on them.


You know I love wearing socks with sandals and I hope I am not a broken record but whenever I see a cool colorful pair of socks, I just can’t help myself LOL!


Mine are still in stock, fortunately, and they are now only $9.99! Linked them below for you.


Today is the gloomiest rainy day and I admit I don’t do well in this type of weather. It always makes me so grumpy haha because I need sun to function, literally! So we’re stuck at home; we’re cooking and kids are playing using huge cardboard boxes LOL! Why is it that kids love boxes so much? It’s like, toys? No, thank you! Gimme a couple cardboard boxes and we’ll build a fort or some other contraption haha! So they’ve been playing that all morning and later we’ll go outside hopefully, if the rain ever stops. Mommy is also off to her monthly book club meeting later in the evening. Love seeing my book club friends so I am very much looking forward to it!


Hope your weekend is going great and as always, thank you for visiting!


Wearing: Asos teddy textured coat (almost an identical one here and on sale for less then $50; also a similar one here); Urban Outfitters socks; Asos skirt; Target sandals (identical here, here and here).



  1. somepopofcolor
    April 16, 2019 / 12:55 am

    Thanks! I love colorful socks!

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