Favorite Sandals From Last Summer In A New Color!














The sandals that don’t need introduction as you have seen them here before (here) but in a different color. This blue you see today is called ‘periwinkle’ and I just adore that name! They are probably my most commented shoes whenever I have them on! The plump, thick straps are so unique and eye catching!


Now, the pop of yellow here, right? I mean, doesn’t get any better than this (except for maybe a pop of red LOL) and this sweater is just the best. Leopard print is always something I enjoy and I really like the unexpected color choices here for the leopard print, topped off with this yellow trim with a pink stripe. I mean, perfection! I didn’t want to add too much color here because the sweater alone has four colors in it and so the blue shoes are perfect as they play off the blue in the sweater.


Side note, hope every momma out there had a great Mother’s Day yesterday! We had a slow day, with nothing planned and it was everything I wanted. We celebrated with my mom on Saturday, so Sunday we could do or not do anything, whichever we chose. My boys always give me flowers picked in our backyard and my hubby always arranges for them to give me the flowers the minute I get up (I get to sleep in on the weekends, which frankly is gift enough), so of course they ambushed me in my underwear, barely out of bed and with my eyes still half shut haha! So I of course can’t share any of these pics (hubby took some) because I don’t want to frighten you haha! They also made a card for me and Leo had a handmade coaster for me that he made at school. Generally speaking, we never celebrate in a big way – these tiny gestures are all I want! Their proud faces when they hand me the bouquet they picked themselves or that small gift they wrapped themselves that looks sloppy (in all fairness LOL), but they are so happy giving it to me!


Wearing: Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn heeled sandals (also in green color); Free People leopard print sweater; H&M jeans (almost identical H&M here), Asos white shirt (similar here and here); DKNY bag.



  1. somepopofcolor
    May 20, 2019 / 2:42 pm

    Jennifer, thanks! They are extremely comfy. Just this pas weekend I danced the night away in those! 🙂

  2. Courtney Byers
    May 20, 2019 / 3:51 pm

    Oh my goodness, these sandals are so much fun! I love the color and style. The look really comfy too. You styled this look beautifully!

  3. somepopofcolor
    May 20, 2019 / 11:41 pm

    Thank you Courtney! I got the green ones last year and hands down they have been my favorite. Couldn’t say no to these blue ones either 🙂

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