My first pair of culottes and loving them!

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Mix a midi length skirt and wide leg pants and you’ve got a pair of culottes which are oh so comfortable! My first pair guys! Never owned culottes before in my adult life; I recall wearing a light blue pair when I was really little but that’s it.


I’ll admit though… some pairs I really dislike; I can’t even explain it very well, I just do. But this pair I am a fan of; perhaps because it has a tiny polka dot pattern on it and the pattern distracts the eye from everything else. Needless to say, culottes are so comfortable and you avoid the wind-blew-up-my-skirt situation LOL!


I paired mine with two t-shirts (that’s right!). Put on a white t-shirt underneath the green one because I wanted the rolled up sleeves of the white t-shirt to pick up the white polka dot pattern in the culottes as well as the white in the ankle boots and my bag. I love the contrasting green color with the burgundy and the blue background. I find that the more contrasting colors I put together, the happier I am with the outcome. It’s like wearing multiple colors from head to toe is what I really love most, so hey… should I change the name of my blog to ‘wear contrasting colors head to toe’ instead of ‘some pop of color’? LOL! No, not changing that, just kidding. But I do seem to have evolved into wearing more and more color as opposed to just a touch of it.


Anyways… hope your week is going well. As soon as we are back from our family vacay in Florida, I’ll be sure to post a recap of our trip so please stay tuned!



Wearing: Asos culotte pants; Forever 21 green t-shirt (identical here); Nine West white ankle boots (love these and these); Pulicati bag.


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