A recap of our family vacation in St Pete’s Beach, Florida


Finally sharing some photos and a quick recap of our week long vacation in St Pete’s Beach with family and friends. We were there just short two weeks ago or so and let me say that it was everything we had all hoped for. We went with our friends who have two kids almost exactly our kids’ age (plus my friend’s mom and my mom tagged along for the ride!) so the kids had a great time playing with each other in their group of four.


All of us, for various reasons, wanted to just relax while there and not plan too much. We wanted to just go with the flow and see where each day may take us… so we ended up leaving the complex just a couple times – once to get to John’s Pass, a ┬ánearby town to get on the boat and watch the dolphins AND the second time to get to the aquarium in Clearwater.


Other than that, we spent time at the pool or walked up to the beach and we rotated between one and the other as we saw fit. The fact that the hotel was right on the beach was the best thing and I don’t think that I ever want to be at a hotel without a walkable beach access if we ever go on a similar trip in the future. Having been there for a week I now know that packing up everybody everyday in a car to go to the beach and then driving back would have been extremely annoying (I know, first world problems, but I’m sticking to it!). Some days we didn’t even go to the beach because the heat was unbearable and other days the beach felt cooler so we spent more time there than at the pool.


The hotel alone had a very casual feel and really felt so inviting but low key at the same time. We LOVED the courtyard set-up (if that’s what that’s called), meaning, the space in between buildings with plenty lounging chairs and plain ‘ol grass space to just sit down and do a little picnic or eat lunch. This whole space was in the shade (huge trees around) so we used it everyday to cool off a bit or eat lunch or just hide in the shade in between beach and pool time. This whole area was our second favorite thing (other than the walkable beach access) about the hotel.



Wore this pink t-shirt almost everyday! Love how it contrasts here with the blue door. This shade of blue was the signature color of the hotel.




This is the shaded courtyard area I talked about – we fully utilized it everyday to cool off!




Yes, wearing this leaf print two piece in Florida too! ­čÖé See a separate post on this outfit here (top and shorts).


A very rare occasion – the two of us in one photo LOL (taken by a semi-drunk stranger man, thank you!)





The obsession over this swimsuit is real you guys! Love love love the blue and the side cutouts!



Morning coffee at the hotel’s coffee counter; it was extremely convenient to have a great tasting coffee place right there!





Wearing in photos above: Anthropologie one-piece swimsuit; Shein pink t-shirt; Target ‘Who What Wear’ leaf print top and shorts.



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