My skincare routine with Weleda!


Monika Grunwald Some Pop of Color My skincare routine with Weleda

Monika Grunwald Some Pop of Color My skincare routine with Weleda

Monika Grunwald Some Pop of Color My skincare routine with Weleda

Monika Grunwald Some Pop of Color My skincare routine with Weleda


I wanted to share with you a little about my skincare routine as I get asked about this and the products I use. I’ll focus on Weleda products today as they are a huge part of my daily skincare routine and frankly I don’t think I will ever stop using their products.


First off, the brand was founded in 1921 in Switzerland and has a long and impressive history of natural skincare product development for your face, body and your little kiddos. Yes, they have amazing baby care products as well.

My favorite from their assortment of skincare products are the three you see here + one that is not pictured here but I raved about it in the past on my Instagram page here.  


*Cleansing Foam. Let’s dig into the details… in the first photo, left to right, this cleansing foam feels super light and yet cleanses my skin thoroughly and removes all my makeup for me. I love how the skin feels afterwards, not dry at all, but rather very fresh and there’s no tightness.


*Toner. Typically after washing my face, I will apply the toner (far right item in the first photo) but I don’t do it everyday. I admit that my skincare routine in the mornings is much shorter than my evening one LOL! Literally, sometimes in the mornings I have 2 minutes for it, so I will skip the toner part and move on to applying the cream. But whenever I have time, I will apply the toner for that one extra step of cleansing my skin. Mind you that this toner is a one-step cleanser and toner all in one so you can use it as a cleanser. But I typically still use the cleansing foam (talked about above) as my ‘cleanser’.


*Skin Food. Now, onto the best part – the Skin Food cream! This particular Skin Food cream (middle item in the first photo) is a lighter version of my absolute FAVORITE skincare product of all time. Yes, of all time! I am talking about a thicker, more condensed Skin Food cream (their original Skin Food cream) that I have been using for many years now and guys, there is no better cream than this one! It has a very rich texture (it’s quite heavy) and this apothecary-like smell which I love! Like I said, it’s quite heavy so I would typically apply it only at night. For the day, because it absorbs into the skin rather slowly, I didn’t use it… until the brand came up with the lighter version for it, hence the guy in the photo! It is perfect for the day with its lighter formula that absorbs much quicker.


I had first tried that richer (original) Skin Food version after reading about it in a magazine. I can’t remember which one and I can’t remember which celebrity was praising that cream, but I am forever grateful that I gave it a try! I mean… if you read the description of it on the brand’s website, it says that ever since it was created in 1926 it was a ‘cult favorite ever since’… I mean it when I say that my skin is luminous after it and whenever my skin appears very tired and just dull looking, it REALLY gets a fresh look back and feels so soft and nourished. I apply that cream elsewhere too… on my dry elbow skin, my cuticles and on my kids. Yes, my kids 🙂 Whenever my kids have patches of dry skin (especially in winter time), I will apply it on there as well. The packaging itself will tell you that you can apply this cream on hands, elbows and feet too! I mean, an overall win! It’s this all-in-one home ‘remedy’ in a sense and my entire family enjoys it.


Did any of you tried any Weleda products? I would love to hear if you did and which ones you liked; drop me a comment right below!


Shop: Weleda cleansing foam; Weleda one-step cleanser & toner; Weleda Skin Food Light; Weleda Skin Food.



    • somepopofcolor
      August 21, 2019 / 12:53 pm

      Thanks Jennifer. The Skin Food products are my forever favorites.

  1. Courtney Byers
    August 22, 2019 / 4:41 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have noticed my skin is getting really oily, so I need to change my routine. This sounds like it would really help my skin.

    • somepopofcolor
      August 23, 2019 / 1:19 am

      Courtney, thank you for your comment. Yes, I’d think so. If nothing else, the Skin Food especially, is so nourishing and deeply moisturizing too!

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