A recap of our Labor Day weekend camping trip in Peninsula State Park, WI


A week or so ago, over the Labor Day weekend, we went on a camping trip with a group of friends to Peninsula State Park up in Wisconsin. From our place it was about a 4.5 hour drive which at first I questioned haha because our limit for driving with kids to any camping destination has been about 2-2.5 hours tops, but boy was this longer drive worth it.


We might have been at this park before many many years ago but at a different campsite; I couldn’t quite remember but it all looked so familiar to us ­čÖé Again, a gazillion years ago before we even had kids so we couldn’t tell with a 100% certainty that we’ve been there.


The park, as the name suggests, is literally located at a peninsula and at the edge of the water. Driving up to the campsite, we drove along the coastline of Lake Michigan and that alone was so worth driving up that far from our house. A few feet away from the road was the water edge… really, so pretty!


The campsite was just like any campsite would have been but this one was filled with evergreen trees and they are my favorite kind. I also have to say that we got so lucky with the weather – it could have been hot and miserable – but it wasn’t. During the day we had about a 72-75F degree weather and at night it would cool down to about 65-68F degrees. Perfect sleeping conditions because imagine the tent warming up during the day if it was 90F degrees outside; at night the tent would have felt like a greenhouse and we’ve done that before! Oy! Not fun at all and I, myself, would not be able to sleep well in a hot tent.


We drove up one day to a Cave Point County Park (photos 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 above). These photos don’t do justice these amazing views off the cliffs… I mean, it was breathtaking and nothing against Wisconsin, but I almost wanted to say ‘how is this place in Wisconsin?’ LOL! The water was crystal clear as you can see but very cold. There was a spot where people were jumping off the cliff to the water (some of our friends did) but they did say the water was super cold. I’m sure it felt good though to jump into it. I didn’t; I’m a chicken and can’t swim too well to dive into a deep water like that.


I have to mention here that we camped with a group of friends which was lots of fun – that always sounds better to me than camping alone or with your immediate family only. Unless you’re looking for some peace and quiet which we were all willing to forego haha hence we had a huge group which proved to be lots of fun. We had 10 adults and 8 kids with not huge age differences between them and so the kids could really play together and find something to do as a group.

Sitting by the fire at night and letting the kids stay up a little later is always one of my favorite things to do while camping. Just cozying up by the fire at night more than  makes up for any inconveniences of camping. Could I go camping every weekend? Absolutely not haha but every now and then it really is a great thing to do as a family. And what better for the kids than roaming around in nature all day and play with your friends?


Link to the park’s site is right here. Do let me know if you ever go camping and where. Would love to know so drop me a comment right below.


Thanks for reading!

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