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So glad this blazer is still in stock so I can share it with you – it is so GOOD! The fit is exactly what I was looking for – that oversize, away-from-the-body fit and a longer length. It’s loose enough that even a thicker sweater will fit perfectly underneath it in the fall months (mental note by they way – wear a sweater with it and do a blog post on that outfit LOL!).


There are matching pants to go with the blazer (right here) but you can purchase them separately. I wore both together in this post. I like them worn together and separately equally as much, I have to say. Actually, maybe I like them separately a tiny bit more because I really love how the blazer looks with the biker shorts here. The graphic on the tee adds just the perfect amount of color and some visual interest.


Wondering how to wear biker shorts without looking like you are headed to Soulcycle? For those of you that are on the fence with the biker shorts trend, really, give it a shot. Worst case scenario – you will end up wearing them for an actual biking or workouts if you absolutely hate wearing them as a day outfit LOL! I’ve had this black pair since forever; I really can’t remember when I got them but surprise surprise, they made a comeback so I am glad I kept them all these years! I wear my biker shorts at home sometimes too so really another reason to give it a try – if you hate them – they will make a great ‘at home’ outfit too!


On a different note, I wore biker shorts on here before so if you’re looking for a different idea on how to style them, check out this post & this one. To this day, whenever I wear these neon green biker shorts people look at me like I’m a little crazy (haha), but you know what? I am owning it!


Would love to hear from you what you think of a blazer / biker shorts pairing so please leave me a comment below?


Wearing: Zara pink blazer (plus, similar pink blazers here and here); Shein graphic tee; Free People biker shorts (identical here); Adidas sneakers (similar here); Zara bucket bag (similar Zara here).




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