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Re-wearing these sneakers again you just saw in this post because they are so good! I’ve said this a million times but I’ll say this again – I just love colorful shoes and these are the epitome of colorful shoes as they have ALL these amazing colors on them!


I’ve been wearing them a lot on the weekends and a couple times to work as my ‘commute’ shoes LOL because I can’t wear sneakers at work when I am actually in the office. ¬†And sneakers make such great ‘commute’ shoes that it’s a double score for me.


Do you like wearing colorful shoes? It’s one of my favorite things – having color on my feet if nowhere else.


On a different note – all of a sudden we’ve had such awfully cold weather… I am talking barely 40-45 degrees yesterday and today and we’ve had pumpkin patch plans for today and I think it’s just too cold to go. Maybe if it wasn’t this windy it would feel much warmer but the wind makes it so much worse. Instead, we’ll stay at home and my brother is coming with my sister-in-law and my nephews and niece. We’ll just cozy up by the fireplace and cook something which actually sounds amazing to me right now LOL! The only complaint I have is that this fall season we’ve gone to a pumpkin patch farm just once and they are closing in a couple weeks, soooo…. I’m pretty bummed about it as we love pumpkin patches and all things fall you can do there with kids. I hope next week is much nicer and we’ll squeeze a trip to one before it’s Halloween and all of them close for the season.


Speaking of Halloween, need to start working with my kids on what they want to be for Halloween, cause I tend to do this last minute and then a week or so before Halloween I am like… hmm.. everything is sold out and what do we do know?? And since we’re mid October now it’s time that I get the ball rolling on the Halloween costume front.


We live in such a great family oriented neighborhood and I am not just saying that! I mean… we’ve never lived in an area that we’ve actually build relationships with our neighbors but when we moved to our current home, we discovered that we lucked out so much and have great neighbors with which we hang out and all our kids play outside together all the time. I am talking the kids we’ll eat dinner or lunch sometimes at our neighbors’ LOL and then all the kids will run back to our house and grab something and vice versa LOL; it’s like our houses have revolving doors because the kids just run back and forth. And so the reason I mention this is because come Halloween it’s lots of fun around here and so many kids want to walk together for trick or treating… I just can’t wait. It’s one of my favorite times of the year!



Hope you’re having a great Sunday so far and thanks so much for visiting!



Wearing: Boden sneakers; Helmut Lang sweater (love this similar one here); H&M jeans (similar here and here); Zara bag (sold out in yellow; a black version here); Swatch watch.



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