Hello and welcome! My name is Monika (38) and I live in Chicago suburbs with my husband and two beautiful boys. I was born and raised in Poland (as was my husband), but we both have been living in U.S. for the last 18 or so years. I am a creative spirit, who loves fashion and all things crafty. I love interior design and repurposing things as well, but this blog’s main focus is my personal style. When it comes to my style specifically, I love wearing black, but color is where my heart is. Most often it’s the mix of the two, where I wear a muted (or black) palette and I add a pop of color. Hence, ‘some pop of color’, the name of this blog. I like putting my own spin on trendy and ‘in’ items and I would like to think that I don’t blindly chase trends, but rather make them work for me and my personal style. I like mixing different styles for unconventional looks, as well as mixing masculine with feminine pieces, the old with the new, thrift store finds with current and on-trend items. My style sometimes goes through phases as does everyone else’s, but I hope you can find some inspiration through my blog. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!